Speaker’s Message

The County Assembly of Nyeri was established in March 2013 after the general election; the Assembly spent much of its early existence establishing structures for efficient and effective legislation. Officially inaugurated on 22nd March, 2013, the second County Assembly of Nyeri constitutes of 30 elected Ward Representatives and 14 Specially Elected Members. Currently there are two political parties represented in the Assembly i.e. Jubilee, PNU and the Independent Party Member.
The Legislative Assemblies play an important role in our parliamentary democracy and system of government because, although under the Constitution of Kenya the assemblies are only one of the two arms of County governments, they hold very crucial functions of oversight, representation and legislation. The Assemblies are the gate keepers of public resources and represent the interest of the electorates. Unlike the other arm of the County Government (County Executive), where only the Governor is elected directly by the people, the rest of the Members of the County Executive Committee are appointed by the Governor. As such, the peoples’ will is safeguarded through the Assembly where the Elected Representatives of the people are.
This webpage is an interactive platform where you the people have a chance to have your say on matters of governance affecting the County. Here you will find all the information you need relating to the functions and structure as well as the Assembly Business. I particularly like the fact that this website will give you the ability to petition the Assembly without necessarily having to come all the way to our offices.
We also recognize that the constitution guarantees the right to information and that is why we shall put the order papers, motions, reports, votes on proceedings and Hansard right here. This way, you will be able to see the business we intend to conduct and what we have already dispensed with.
I hope you will take the time to explore our website and that you will learn more about the County Assembly of Nyeri, the role of your representatives in the Assembly and how you can participate in our day to day matters affecting the County. If devolution is to function effectively, it is important that the people, who elect their Members of County Assembly to represent them, have a good understanding of how devolution works.
Do not be shy to register and start forums where you can discuss anything you feel is essential to the success of the County government. We also invite you to visit our live proceeding here at the Assembly gallery where you can catch up on your representatives discussing matter affecting our County. Do not hesitate; send us your feedback on any matter relating to our core mandate. Join in and let us change the face of our good County.

Hon. John Philip Kaguchia Speaker,
County Assembly Of Nyeri