The Serjeant-At-Arms is a department in the County Assembly of Nyeri whose roles and responsibilities involves giving service to the Speaker, Members of County Assembly, the Clerk and other staff of the County Assembly, performance of chamber and ceremonial duties. The Serjeant-At-Arms also performs a number of miscellaneous security and safety duties for the general welfare of County Assembly. In performing these duties the Office of Serjeant-at-Arms performs:-

Support for the Chamber

The main Chamber responsibilities of the Serjeant during the sittings of the House relate to assisting the Speaker to maintain order as laid down in the Standing Orders (or rules) of the House. The Serjeant and his or her staff are required to help the Speaker maintain order by removing disorderly people from the House or members of public from the public gallery. The Serjeant also controls admission to the galleries, maintains custody of the Members’ attendance register.

Other Roles and Responsibilities of the Serjeant-At-Arms are:-

  • Maintain custody of the mace;
  • Ensure protective security for all persons and property and advises the Speaker and the Clerk on the same;
  • Performs chamber and ceremonial duties like leading the Speaker’s procession
  • Organizes educational tours and visits to the Assembly;
  • Enforce and implement the Speaker’s orders and other directives;
  • Allocate office accommodation to Members of County Assembly and staff and committee rooms to committees;
  • Ensure fire prevention and safety of the facilities;
  • Ensure compliance with occupational health requirements/standards;
  • Access control management;
  • Crowd management;
  • Ensure desirable housekeeping standards;
  • Maintain decorum within the precincts of parliament;
  • Disaster preparedness and mitigation;
  • Investigating incidents;
  • Disseminates relevant information to members through notice boards;
  • Carries out periodical security surveys; and
  • Conducts institutional risk assessment;