Mission, Vision & Core Values


To be an effective, efficient & transformative Assembly


To provide efficient and effective oversight, representation, and law making functions for the welfare of the people of Nyeri County.

Values Of Nyeri County Assembly

Integrity-Honesty, truthfulness and sincerity are an integral part of our operations. We are devoted to uphold the values of honesty, truthfulness and sincerity in all our undertakings.

Accountability– We undertaketo involve the public in all decisions and plans affecting them and the County at large. We shall uphold this through being transparent and answerable at all times.

Commitment to Service-We are committed to our core functions of legislation, oversight and representation and shall be guided by hardworking ethics in all our undertakings so as to achieve our main aim of the betterment of the welfare of the people of Nyeri.

Equity, Equality and Inclusiveness- In all our undertakings, we strive to serve all residents of the county of Nyeri; men, women, children and people living with disabilities;equally and without exception, favouritism or discrimination.