HR & Administration

Department of Human Resources Management and Administration Services

The Department is currently composed of 8 staff members headed by Mr. Josiah Mathenge Wahinya.This Department is charged with providing services, advice and guidelines to ensure the general administration of the Assembly is facilitated. Its offices are those of Principal HR & Admin officer and other support staff.

This Department is mandated to do the following:

  • Formulating, interpreting and applying human resource policy, procedures, rules and regulations;
  • Planning, estimating and controlling Personnel emoluments, expenditure;
  • Administration of pension schemes, gratuities, schemes of service and approval of leave;
  • Managing staff performance and career development
  • Managing staff insurance, salary advances and salary in advance;
  • Providing guidance in matters related to appointments and placement, promotions and confirmation of staff;
  • Budget and expenditure control for the Human Resources Department;
  • Implementing the Advisory Committee, Selection Board decisions as regards appointments, promotions, discipline;
  • Management of staff in Human Resource Department;
  • Provision of office services
  • Management of transport services

The main objective of this department is to attract, retain and maintain the right employees. This is because it is through the support of staff members that the Assembly will be able to deliver its mandate.