The County Assembly of Nyeri Hansard  Department  manages the recording of Plenary and Select Committee sittings of the Assembly and thereafter facilitate transcription, translation, editing, dissemination, storage, archiving and retrieval of Hansard reports. The role of the department is to ensure production of the Official Hansard Reports which is the verbatim report with repetitions, redundancies and obvious grammatical errors omitted.  
Headed by the Hansard Editor the Department draws its mandate from the County Assembly of Nyeri Standing Order No. 220 (1) which states that; “there shall be published within 48 hours a verbatim report of the proceedings of the County Assembly, unless the Speaker is satisfied that this is rendered impossible by some emergency.”
The report is produced by a team of officers who include audio officers, technicians, reporters and editors who are in charge of the following:-

  • Recording of all chamber and select committee sittings
  • Transcription of computers audio files into readable texts
  • Editing of raw Hansard draft to a final accurate copy
  • Dissemination of Hansard reports to hon. Members and users
  • Indexing, Storage, archival and retrieval of Hansard reports
  • Maintaining an accurate and consistent publishing format
  • Development and maintenance of policies, rules, standards and procedures governing Hansard production

Consumers from outside the Assembly who will require a certified copy of Hansard report(s) can make an official request through the Office of the Clerk detailing the dates of the Hansard, the content and time of sitting as requested.

ICT Unit

The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Unit in the County Assembly exists to provide appropriate ICTs that enable members and staff to access the information and services necessary to do their jobs.
The Unit supports the Assembly’s objectives through the use of technology based solutions where appropriate. It provides and maintains the network infrastructure, telecommunications, general office applications and equipment and provides support for bespoke applications. Other significant roles include user support and training, backup systems and electronic information security.