The Directorate is headed by the Director of Finance and Accounts.   It derives its mandate from the Constitution 2010, the Public Finance Management Act 2012. The Directorate executes its mandate in consistency with any other legislation as may be developed or reviewed by Parliament from time to time.  It is composed of Finance, Accounts, Fiscal Analyst and Supply Chain Management departments. The respective duties and responsibilities of the departments are as outlined below:


Finance and Accounts

  • Preparation of Budgets for the Recurrent and Development Votes for the County Assembly;
  • Preparation of quarterly expenditure reports and forecasts as a basis for discussions with the County Controller of Budget for release of funds from the County Treasury Fund;
  • Initiation of proposals seeking funds for additional expenditure and reallocation of voted funds during the year;
  • Monitoring of expenditure and projects through vote controls, including program implementation on a periodic basis and ensuring that timely corrective action is taken.

Fiscal Analyst

  • Monitoring budget implementation;
  • Analyzing budget performance and advising on appropriate measures to be undertaken;
  • Preparing reports for management consumption;
  • Assisting in presentation of financial information relevant to budget committee;
  • Collecting and collating budgetary information from various sources for analysis;
  • Maintaining relevant statistics on public revenue and expenditure figures;

Supply Chain Management

  • To ensure Procurement Procedures are compiled as established under the Public Procurement and Disposal Act 2005 and Regulations 2006.
  • Monitoring the overall functioning of the Public Procurement system including accountability and documentation of the procured items.
  • To ensure that every purchase represents a fair and reasonable cost to the tax payer for the required goods or services.
  • To ensure that all qualified and interested potential suppliers are extended the opportunity to compete for County Assembly of Nyeri tenders.
  • To ensure that all purchasing transactions are processed in a timely and cost effective manner that best fulfills the requirements of the user while satisfying any applicable legislation and Management policy.
  • To provide leadership in the procurement process, through knowledge, teamwork and communication to enhance efficiencies and cost saving and to ensure transparency and fairness of County Assembly services.