Clerk’s Message

The purpose of this website is to act as a link between the Assembly, the electorate and all stakeholders. It details the commitment of the Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) and Staff in ensuring that Nyeri County is well represented, necessary legislations are enacted, and oversight of the Executive is done accordingly. It thus conveys our vision of becoming an effective, efficient and transformative Assembly.

One of the mandates of the Assembly being representation, our MCAs have endeavored to address the issues of the people of Nyeri through Assembly debates and through the Sectoral and Select Committees. This commitment is evident in the nature of debates that are carried out in the Assembly and the various activities being undertaken by the Committees.

The Assembly is also passionate on the role of Legislation which has been manifested in the kind of Motions, Statements and Bills that have been tabled in the Assembly. The Oversight role has also been passionately embraced by our Members to ensure the County Government is accountable to the electorate.

In our efforts to constantly keep in touch with the people of Nyeri, the Assembly established this Website to act as a source of information to the members of the public. Through this platform we hope that we will be able to disseminate timely information to the public on the activities being carried out in the Assembly as well as get necessary feedback.

Based on the remarkable success we have enjoyed since the onset of devolution, our focus now is to transform Nyeri County by working with our electorates and all the stakeholders to find the best solutions for the problems we face.

This is an exciting platform and I hope you will get access to all the information you need as you browse through our website.

Jenard .N. Mwiggeh
County Assembly of Nyeri